Oh No! I’m moving to Northern Virginia!! What Do I do??

What’s it like living 20 minutes from our Nation’s Capital?        Do you ever get to see the President?          Is traffic always a mess?          Are you afraid to live here?       When I move here, will I cry over housing prices?        Is it possible to get around without a car?        Do I really want my kids to go to school here?          Is it safe?    I’m a young, single, professional, can I afford to live here?  What’s the Orange Line Metro?      I have kids and a family, can I find a place near good schools?

Don’t worry – You will Love it here!! 

We are regular people, just like everyone else in the country!  We work very hard, hate traffic, want someplace safe to live but also fun!  We have someplace that will fit you perfect!

Just tell me a little bit about what you want and I can send you a Market Snapshot of a home in the area I think you might like!  What a way to start!


The picture on the seal of Virginia’s deep blue flag is portraying the state motto – Sic Semper Tyrannis – or, Thus Ever to Tyrants, in plain English. This is what always happens to unjust rulers. At the time of it’s flag design in 1776, Virginia and other colonies were fighting for independence from England, who to them were tyrants. The woman, virtue, represents Virginia. The man holds a whip and chain, indicating he is a tyrant. They have fought a battle, and the tyrant lies on the ground defeated, his fallen crown nearby.

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Cat in Virginia! Let me tell you about Real Estate!

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