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The Hiking Realtor-my 2013 tracker!!!



Winter Weight!!!  and cold!!  has kept me off the trail, plus injuries….and too much chocolate cake!  How can any human gain weight so fast?  No more Red Robin Mud pie for me!

Sugar loaf mountain, maryland.  St. Patrick’s Day!!!!!  6 miles…….it got me back on the trail, even though this winter I felt like I was freezing to death!!!!  441 miles to go!!


February-447 miles to go!

-Camp Meadows, Syria, VA 2 miles—-two miles of straight up, freezing cold, numb feet, swollen knee, freezing fingers, 38 degree incline, wondering why oh why oh why!!!??  Can’t wait for spring!  didn’t make it all the way up, half way was good.

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January-449 miles to go!

-Ocala National Forest=51.2 miles  AWESOME!!!!!


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When I started hiking about two years ago, I figured it would only take a few months, to where I could “Climb the tallest mountain”!  …meaning one of those in the Shenandoah National Park, the most beautiful area of Virginia.  Two years later, I’m still wondering when that will be an easy trip!

Bull Run Mountain, VA
Big Devils Stairs

From heat exhaustion to almost frost bite, poison ivy on a continuous basis, bug bites that I’m always allergic too, twisted ankles, smashed up knees, a cracked rib, contusion on my spleen, small crack on my nose, sore feet, sore legs, sore butt, really sore back, etc. that all leads to lots of lots of lots of lots of fun!!  The overall result is I’m a better person…..and a better Realtor!

…….So here is a small part of my Real Estate blog that is about Hiking…..pictures from the last two years, but mostly my progress from December 2012 and forward.

I’ll share some of the hikes I’ve hiked,  people who hike, those who inspire me to hike, and of course, great places to hike in the local DC area.

So come along for the ride…I’ll show you where I came from struggling at 3 miles flat to leading a 9 mile round trip up to Mary’s Rock and back (elevation at 700 to start, climb to 3600 feet!)…and share where I’m going from here!  2013 GOAL IS 500 MILES!  THAT’S 10 MILES PER WEEK!

See you on the Trail,



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