Living in Falls Church

The Falls Church, Falls Church, Virginia
The Falls Church

Falls Church is the next postal area west of Arlington, and starts at around 6 miles from Washington, DC.  There are two separate areas referred to as Falls Church-Falls Church City (2 square miles around Rt 7, located between Seven Corners and Tysons) and the Falls Church Postal Area of Fairfax County.  Although neighbors, and friends, the two are located in separate governing areas.  There are many websites and articles about the history, politics, and regulations of these areas……..but I’m going to share with you hidden treasures, local gossip, and happenings that make living in Falls Church (which ever area you pick!) so enjoyable!!  (This is the Falls Church)


We all want a place to go that’s close to home, friendly, affordable, inviting, comforting, and fun!  If you live in Falls Church, Public House 7 will soon become your new hangout.  British food, beer, and local bands………what more could you want?

The food is affordable & good, the staff very friendly, the bar is separate from the dining area, but both areas are good for eating and drinking!

Cozy, charming, and comfortable during these very cold winter months.


A dinner for two, on me, at Public House 7.  Look for that message Coming Soon!


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