Investment Property Purchase-follow a true story!

I always wanted to own investment property……a place to rent out, generate lots of cash, and make a million!!  Isn’t that the easiest way to make a fortune?  That’s what I thought….and it looks so easy!!  You can do it with little or no money down, and with good skills on delegation, it will take little effort to maintain.  At least that is what I thought!!  and that is what many of my clients also think.

So, this will be a blog that will follow two investment properties.  One is a single family home I sold to clients of mine in June 2011, we will call 6th Street………….. and the other is my own investment property I purchased in April 2006, called Autumn Ridge.  Hopefully I can provide you information on the ways that lead to successful investment property ownership, pitfalls to avoid, and situations that you just have to laugh about, or you wouldn’t stop crying!  So Let’s go!!


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